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21st February 08

There's Still Time To Enter The 2008 Conservatory Design Competition

And be the winner of a £5,000 advertising package from Conservatories Online PLUS £3000 of blinds from Thomas Sanderson to use in a conservatory show-room

We are pleased to announce that the deadline for the 2008 Conservatory Design Competition, which is organised in association with ConservatoriesOnline.com, has been extended until the 29th of February. So, if you haven't already done so, you still have time to submit an entry.

After a resounding success in 2007, the Conservatory Design Competition will be held again at Glassex GP&T 2008. In its 5th year, the popular competition will again give the industry the chance to showcase its latest design expertise and innovation.

The competition celebrates and rewards excellence in conservatory design and installation. Five different entry categories allow a broad range of designs to be entered for the competition. Gold, silver and bronze awards will be awarded in each category and Conservatoriesonline.com will also be judging its own Special Merit Award.

All the award-winning designs will be displayed on a dedicated competition stand at the heart of Glassex 2008, which takes place at the NEC Birmingham from 8-10 April, and is co-located for the first time with Glass Processing & Technology. The winners in each category will be invited to receive their awards at a ceremony before the assembled trade press and visitors to Glassex 2008.

The contest will include an Energy Efficient Conservatory category, which complements the Sustainability for Profit theme that is running throughout both events next year. All winning entries will be displayed at Glassex 2008 on the Conservatory Design Stand in Hall 4, and the winners will be rewarded at an on-site press event.

What to do next?

Entering the competition is simple; all you have to do is:

1) Decide which category/ categories best fit your conservatory design.

2) Provide the supporting documents (full details are available in the Entry Brochure).

3) Submit your entry to CDC@ebuilders.co.uk or by complete online form on http://www.ebuilders.co.uk/glassex/

If you are interested in entering the competition, you can find a full list of entry criteria and category information in our Conservatory Design Competition Entry Brochure. If you have a specific query about the competition call the competition hotline on 0845 603 6078.

The Glazine 22nd January 08

On-Line Home Improvement Leads Ahead Of '07 Says eBuilders

Flying in the face of the gloomy forecasts being predicted for 2008, eBuilders, publishers of consumer advice web sites covering every aspect of home improvements, report that early year lead generation is good and even slightly ahead of expectations.

Numbers of enquiries are up overall but significantly, figures for 'Clean' leads - those that include full contact information - are better year on year compared with 12 months ago.

Peter Jervis, Managing Director of eBuilders Ltd says that the signs are very positive: 'The traffic through our web sites is up overall but significantly, the numbers of high quality leads - what we call Clean Leads - is also very good. Of course, it is early in the year but these represent what is happening now, the mood of homeowners towards improving their homes. This is very encouraging.'

The figures contrast the number of reports about failed window and conservatory companies and other negative economic news, although many believe that the glazing industry is in danger of talking itself into a recession. 'Despite the rather depressing news there is no concrete reason as yet to believe this year will be any different from last,' says Jervis. 'Yes, it will continue to be highly competitive but companies must look to new forms of marketing including the Internet which continues to grow rapidly, as our figures show.'



14th January 2008

Conservatory Design Competition

Thomas Sanderson Ltd, the UK's leading supplier of conservatory blinds, window stylings and patio awnings has added its support to the 2008 Glassex-GP&T Conservatory Design Competition in association with ConservatoriesOnline.com, by offering the main competition winner £3K worth of blinds for use in a conservatory showroom.

The Thomas Sanderson prize is in addition to the £5K worth of online advertising already offered by ConservatoriesOnline.com, the competition's main sponsor, and brings the total prize value to £8K.

Says Ian Bayne, Partnership Manager, Thomas Sanderson Ltd: " We are delighted to sponsor the competition as it promotes excellence in conservatory design and installation. By adding blinds to their conservatory offer, companies can increase the value of a contract dramatically and provide the homeowner with a complete service from design through to installation. Our range, which offers a huge selection of colours and fabrics, is an ideal choice for companies wishing to expand in to the conservatory accessory market."

The Conservatory Design Competition offers a number of categories including small and large conventional, innovative design, portal and energy efficiency. Full details of the entry criteria can be obtained from the web site www.gexhibition.com and by clicking on the visiting section.

Winners of the Competition will be announced on Tuesday 8 April 2008 as part of the Glassex-GP&T exhibition which runs from 8-10 April 2008 at the NEC.

26th July 2007


eBuilder Ltd, the company behind the series of consumer home improvement advice web sites that includes www.ConservatoriesOnline.com, almostimpartialguide.co.uk, WindowsToday.co.uk and many others, intends to make a big impact at next year’s Glassex to he held at the National Exhibition Centre from April 8th – 10th, with a bigger stand and a number of exciting new projects.

eBuilders has been a Glassex exhibitor continuously for the past seven years with the event contributing much to the company’s success, demonstrating that the oldest and newest forms of communication can work comfortably together. As enquiries and sales leads through sites such as ConservatoriesOnline.com increase at more than 20% year-on-year as traditional forms of lead generation continue to decline, the Internet is finding favour with ever increasing numbers of homeowners, many of whom now go online for most of their major buying decisions.

But eBuilders Managing Director Peter Jervis believes that Glassex remains the most effective way of meeting window, conservatory and other home improvement installers: “The Internet provides the most effective means of reaching increasingly large numbers of home owners and it is the future for the home improvement industry as legislation and social change makes traditional canvassing more and more ineffective. But we enjoy meeting our sponsors, advertisers and other partners face-to-face at Glassex, something that cannot be achieved online.

“We will have some very exciting new products and opportunities to tell visitors about in April which are best discussed personally,” added Peter. “Not only will we have powerful new lead generators but also opportunities for businesses to diversify into other home improvement sectors with minimal risk and investment – it will be well worth the wait!”

26th July 2007


Terry the Windowman has moved from Essex to Norfolk! One of the longest established and most popular double glazing and conservatory information websites for consumers, www.TheWindowMan.co.uk, has become part of the expanding eBuilders Ltd stable.

Registered in May 1999 TheWindowMan.co.uk was the brainchild of Terry, an experienced window and conservatory installer from Essex who withheld his identity in order for him to be able to speak out about the things that he thought were wrong about the industry and indeed, some of its less punctilious operators. The style of TheWindowMan.co.uk was, therefore, quite different in the approach taken by traditional eBuilders sites, the first of which was launched a few months earlier in 1998, by being edgier and more overtly campaigning, styled as ‘The Consumers Champion’, something that eBuilders is keen to maintain.

Innovative and challenging, TheWindowMan.co.uk website has therefore always been popular with consumers, attracting many repeat visitors who return time after time. Purchased for an undisclosed sum eBuilders has already expanded the number of sponsorship and branding opportunities for leading regional and national double glazing and conservatory suppliers.

eBuilders Managing Director Peter Jervis says that, within the rarefied world of home improvement cyberspace the agreement is quite historic: “Although on something of a different level, TheWindowMan.co.uk was registered just a few months after the first eBuilders web site, and around the same time as Google, itself regarded as a major pioneer of the Internet. Terry, founder of TheWindowMan had a fantastic vision that was years ahead of almost everyone else in the home improvement business. We are delighted to have been able to add this site to the eBuilders family.”

26th July 2007


eBuilders Ltd, the company behind www.ConservatoriesOnline.com and other top home improvement consumer advice web sites, has completed its new automated sales lead reporting system for advertisers and sponsors of its web sites.

Completed as part of the company’s huge investment in new systems and support services, the new system will automatically pass on leads from any of eBuilders’ web sites to advertisers within 30 minutes of a user making an enquiry. This ensures that potential customers may be contacted whilst their action remains fresh in their minds and thus optimising the lead.

The information supplied includes all key information provided by the enquirer, including contact information as well as the specific product interest, to ensure the advertiser has as much intelligence as possible with which to follow up the lead.

Reporting has also been speeded up and optimised to ensure advertisers can easily check leads received against invoices, presented in a form that may easily be cross-referenced by management and through to accounts. Invoices are also now included with the reports to simplify checking.

In addition to the system being refined and automated, eBuilders has committed the process to being entirely conducted online and therefore paperless, another key part of the strategy for this project.

eBuilders’ Managing Director Peter Jervis says that the system is designed to further sharpen the competitive edge of its customers and therefore provide even better value: “The introduction of this system is a significant step forward for our advertisers and sponsors and will enable them to respond to enquiries faster than ever, with the age of the lead becoming a ever more crucial factor in the conversion ratio. Online enquirers expect and even demand a fast response to their enquiry and leads made through any of our web sites will now be even hotter through this system.

“With online lead generation continuing to grow as other methods falter, this is a further sharpening of the competitive edge for home improvement product and service providers using the eBuilders’ sites.”

1st June 2007


garage conversionA new home improvement consumer advice web site www.garageconversionsuk.co.uk offers tips, information and advice for homeowners considering converting their cluttered, barely used garage into much needed, relatively inexpensive extra living space.

But there are opposing views about taking such steps as to whether such a move is wise. Some believe that giving up the garage will have a negative effect on the value of a property, even if relatively few homeowners actually put their cars away at night, whilst others believe that the use of generally under utilised space can only be a good thing and should be considered for the value it brings now, rather than any influence it may have on the property value in the future, up or down.

Estate agent David Heard, whose own property in Hertfordshire features a garage conversion together with similar homes in the same street, believes that many homes can benefit from a conversion: “Whether a garage should be converted into additional living space depends on a number of factors and in particular the availability of off road parking in the area. But in general garages are under-utilised and present excellent opportunities for increasing living space that will be welcomed by future buyers.”

However, warns David, care should be taken: “Any such conversion should be carried out thoughtfully and in keeping with the rest of the property and the street. It should also be carried out so that it may be easily restored to use as a garage should circumstances change or a future owner preferred a garage. If done well there should be no negative impact on the value of the house.”

Care should also be taken to comply with Building Regulations, but also any restrictive covenants that may apply to a property specifically and in the context of the area. In a wealthy private estate North West of London local regulations forbid the conversion of garages, a rule that is side stepped by many residents by leaving the garage door in place and building a stud wall behind it.

Storage is another issue to consider as many homeowners use their garages as storage rooms and for such items as bicycles, garden furniture and tools and other paraphernalia. This can be resolved easily with the addition of a garden shed, the location of which can be at the discretion of the homeowner.

Peter Jervis, managing director of eBuilders Ltd, the publisher of the www.garageconversionsuk.co.uk web site, says that planning permission requirements may vary considerably from area to area: “A garage conversion will be treated as an extension if the existing structure is of a temporary construction. Generally, if the garage was built at the same time of the property and is of the same construction then insulation to current building regulations would only be required, provided that the planners are happy with the change of use.

“However, most garage conversions require a Building Regulation application either as a Full Plans application or a Building Notification submission, where the intention is to provide accommodation such as bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, study or office, or a kitchen or dining room.

“A professional garage conversion specialist or builder will often take care of all Building Regulation and planning requirements. However, it is wise to be aware of the requirements yourself so homeowners should contact their Local Authority Planning Department themselves. Most are very helpful although they can be very busy, so be patient.”

The key issues to consider when looking at a garage conversion are:

  • Do local regulations allow such a conversion?
  • Is there sufficient additional off-road parking
  • Carry out such work so it may be reversed easily in the future.
  • Ensure the conversion is complementary to the main property.
  • Only employ reputable contactors to carry out the work; ask for examples of their work and check them out
  • Ideally use contractors who can take the process all the way form plans to completion. But be aware of Building Regulations and other planning requirements and check that these have been complied with.
  • If you intend to carry out the work yourself, again be aware of all national and local regulatory requirements or you may find yourself having to restore the garage.

29 August 2006


The management of eBuilders Ltd, the company behind many of the top home improvement consumer advice web sites such as www.ConservatoriesOnline.com, www.windowstoday.co.uk, www.almostimpartialguide.co.uk, and www.bathroom-buyers-guide.com, has been significantly strengthened through a management buy-in by Peter Jervis and Mike Sharpe, to create a three-way shareholding with eBuilders founder Barry Dunlop, who remains on the board.

Although a Certified Accountant Peter Jervis has long been at the sharp end of home improvement retailing and building products distribution, most recently having been responsible for group business development and strategy at Anglian Group since the MBO in 2001, developing major new routes and products to market. He has also enjoyed spells in senior positions with Caradon and as Product Director at Jewson, part of the Saint Gobain group.

Mike Sharpe has considerable experience as a senior executive, in large of PLC companies as well as heading up new start situations, and with experience of fund raising and market development. He occupied senior accountancy positions for over 18 years before going into general management, running retail dealerships for over 8 years. Moving into sales and marketing with Daihatsu, Mike eventually became world wide Sales Director for Rolls Royce and Bentley Motors. He now has a wide range of business interests in a number of companies, for which he applies his considerable experience in business development and growth.

Former shower and double glazing salesman Barry Dunlop, whose web sites are now responsible for producing more than a quarter of a million sales leads and referrals for advertisers and sponsors of the company’s web sites, says that the move is designed to realise the true potential of what has become a highly successful formula: “Our sites are now the most successful in their respective sectors and have become the key to lead generation for many home improvement suppliers in the glazing, kitchens, bathrooms and other sectors, in the shadow of toughening legislation and competition. There is huge potential to push into other home improvement niches, but also to further refine and develop our existing products.

“The power of the Internet has barely been touched, and having two partners in the business now of the calibre of Peter and Mike will enable us to reach our full potential, and create powerful new products for our sponsors. This will take us to a new level,” says Barry.

Peter Jervis, who takes the role of Managing Director in the new company, is very familiar with the eBuilders products: “It’s a cliché but quite literally I liked the company so much I bought into it. Through my responsibility for business development at Anglian I am very aware of the challenges facing home improvement retailers and the Internet provides some excellent possibilities. The success of eBuilders’ web sites is measured by the number of companies that are trying to gain key sponsorships on the sites, and those rigorously maintaining their participation. The Internet is providing tremendous growth, where other media is becoming less effective.

“The team we have in place now is very powerful, especially with Barry’s command of the Internet and Mike’s experience of running top line companies. We will be revealing a number of new initiatives during the next few months, both for our existing products and some totally new ventures. It will be a very interesting time.”

Barry Dunlop (Left) and Peter Jervis (Right)

18 April 2006


A new web site http://www.blinds-shutters.co.uk has been launched to provide independent advice to homeowners that have switched on to the latest trend in home window treatments – shutters.

Actually of course one of the oldest solutions pre-glass to providing closures for window apertures, paradoxically shutters are enjoying a revival as an attractive solution to many modern problems facing homeowners, in particular noise and thermal insulation.

But the key to the revival in the popularity of shutters remains style, as housebuilders and homeowners seek to distinguish the appearance of their properties, particularly if the building follows a particular style of architecture.

Blinds-shutters.co.uk has been launched from the same stable that is responsible for some of the Internet’s most popular home improvement web sites, including: www.conservatoriesonline.com, www.almostimpartialguide.co.uk/, and www.double-glazing-replacement-windows.co.uk, each of which has provided of answers to literally thousands of homeowners’ questions, and which regularly appear in the top 10 results of any online search.

Barry Dunlop is the founder of eBuilders Ltd, the company behind the web sites: “We launch our home improvement advice sites purely on the basis of the demand we receive from homeowners and we have recorded an enormous surge in interest in wooden shutters. So we researched the market and www.blinds-shutters.co.uk is the result. Even in the first few weeks the number of ‘hits’ on the site has been impressive.”

The web site offers advice on a range of the most popular styles of internal and external shutters, in addition to a buyers guide, a design service and other advice.

13 March 2006


ASK ME ANOTHER: THE ASK-QUESTIONS.COM CONSERVATORY EXPERT PROVIDES HIS 1,000TH ANSWERGary Deverson, the ‘resident’ conservatory expert on consumer home improvement advice web site www.ask-questions.com, has recently provided his 1,000th expert answer to homeowners in Britain and the U.S. seeking impartial advice for their conservatory needs and worries.

The Ask-Questions site, part of the same eBuilders Ltd stable that includes ConservatoriesOnline, features a Q&A forum that allows visitors to the site to ask questions on a range of home improvements including conservatories, double glazing and kitchens, with answers provided by leading experts in each of their fields.

Gary, who learned his trade at the sharp end running his company South Wales conservatory business Cosy Living Ltd, takes pride in providing the free and independent advice to users of the web site, including such questions about using gas fires in a conservatory, defective polycarbonate roofs, self-cleaning glass; and condensation. The most frequent enquiries concern superstore DIY conservatories, and kitchens from a leading, Scandinavian home retailer.

Gary, who was presented with a bottle of champagne by eBuilders’ boss Barry Dunlop to celebrate his milestone at the recent Glassex trade show, is happy just to help: “I really like helping people, to do my good deed each day,” says Gary. “But I also hate seeing companies rip people off - it gives our industry a bad name.”

Gary’s Website: http://www.cosyliving.co.uk
Ask Questions Discussion Forum: http://www.ask-questions.com/yabbse/index.php

27 February 2006

For the first time eBuilders Ltd, which operates the leading homeowners’ conservatory advice web site www.conservatoriesonline.com, has announced consumer viewing and activity statistics to offer a glimpse of the growing power and influence of the Internet in the consumer decision-making process.

Last year ConservatoriesOnline.com and its ‘sister’ sites directly generated an estimated 100,000 plus confirmed sales leads for its sponsors and advertisers. These comprised more than 37,500 conservatory related enquiries, 14,000 for replacement windows and, through the broader range of eBuilders home improvement web sites more than 10,000 sales enquiries for kitchens.

In addition to making enquiries to suppliers directly through the eBuilders web sites visitors also have the opportunity to click on a series of links that take them through to the home web sites of advertisers and sponsors. In a single year the company recorded an incredible 1 million visitors that took advantage of this facility, resulting in an estimated additional 50,000 sales leads.

The most striking aspect of the information revealed is the rise in visitors, leads and referrals of up to 30% in some categories, which is in stark contrast with window, door and conservatory industry trends, which is estimated to be down by around 20% overall.

In particular consumers in the South East and Midlands would appear still to have money to spend, with significant increases in conservatory-related enquiries and one advertiser enjoying a 28% increase in sales leads. Interest in ancillary products was also significantly up, in particular for conservatory blinds and furniture.

However, the most spectacular success was enjoyed by a well-known national supplier of windows, doors and conservatories who experienced an increase of 30.65% for window enquiries compared with the previous year.

Barry Dunlop, Managing Director of eBuilders Ltd, believes the success of his sites against the harsh trading conditions of the window, door and conservatory market place will continue: “We have built our websites to be search engine friendly with quality content that users regard as authoritative and impartial that ensures that we consistently show a high volume of leads amongst users" The excellent figures are in line with the continuing trends for Internet usage overall, with more than 28 million people – 60% of the UK population - having access to the ‘web, and 14 million online each day. The Internet is a key part of the modern consumer’s selection process.”

6 February 2006

Garage conversions can create that extra space for expanding families
Want to expand your home without the hassle of building an extension? Garage just full of junk? Why not convert your garage into a whole new space for work, rest or play?

Whether you’ve got a single or double, an integral or detached, a garage is the perfect space to convert into a new playroom, office, kitchen, dining room or even an extra bedroom.

Converting a garage may seem like a complex, expensive option but, http://www.garageconversionsuk.co.uk, makes it easy by offering a one-stop shop containing everything a consumer needs to know from building and planning regulations to buyers tips and resources.

Barry Dunlop, the founder of eBuilders, which owns http://www.garageconversionsuk.co.uk said: “This site has been a surprising success, we did not realise how many people are actually interested in doing this.

“True high quality garage conversions add value to your home. In the past people often converted a garage rather cheaply – and have not given proper consideration to things such as insulation and heating – resulting in what was often a cold, damp room. Now that need not be the case with a professionally designed garage conversion which incorporates the latest building practices.”

3 February 2006

More UK consumers investing in garden awnings
The UK’s leading garden awning webite, http://www.garden-awnings.co.uk had a 50% growth in sales in 2005. The website is a one-stop-shop with everything a consumer needs to know about garden awnings, from choosing the most appropriate type of awning to a choice of complementary accessories.

Garden awnings allow consumers to spend more time enjoying their garden by creating the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining throughout the summer without having to worry about the weather.

Barry Dunlop, the founder of eBuilders, which owns http://www.garden-awnings.co.uk, said: “Since we launched garden-awnings.co.uk we’ve been overwhelmed with garden lovers looking to enjoy the outdoors all year round. This is highlighted by the 50% growth in sales in 2005, and there is currently no sign of the market slowing down.”

Visitors to the site can benefit from a free consumer report, which includes essential information about selecting the right awnings, by choosing from a number of options such as motorised or manual awnings and the ideal placement and drop for optimal usage of a garden.

29 January 2006


The world’s leading conservatory web site www.conservatoriesonline.com has bestowed its annual honours on the most impressive conservatory installations to appear on the site during 2005. The 2005 Awards is the third to be held and was created to recognise and reward innovative and stylish conservatory design, and exceptional quality in manufacture and installation.

The Overall Winner is an installation by Heritage Conservatories Ltd (www.heritageconservatories.com), which was chosen by the judging panel for the “highly individualistic, imaginative and innovative approach”, taken by its designers in providing a stylish conservatory for a country house. Manufactured in hardwood and finished in cream to match the house, the conservatory features a ‘cathedral’ vaulted roof on its two aspects that considerably increase the feeling of space within. Motorised roof vents are installed to provide ventilation, and concertina-style folding/sliding doors allow the structure to be fully opened on to the garden during warmer weather.

In addition to the company’s attention to aesthetics, Heritage also had to pay special attention to damp proofing and drainage as the conservatory and patio are sunk below the main garden.

The ConservatoriesOnline Special Design Award has been bestowed upon Richmond Oak Conservatories (www.oakconservatories.co.uk) for what the judges called “an innovative and highly successful practical solution that manages also to provide stylish and highly attractive additional space.”

The owner of the property wanted to join the main house with additional living space in an adjacent building. Richmond provided the solution with the creation of a cloister-style connection between the two properties, with a corridor attached to each building and a highly attractive hexagonal conservatory in between. Richmond constructed the structure in seasoned oak oiled to accentuate the natural grain, using traditional joinery methods, with this adding considerably to the charm of the installation.

The final category in the ConservatoriesOnline.com Awards for 2005 is the Editor’s Choice. This installation designed, manufactured and installed by national home improvement giant Zenith Staybrite Conservatories succeeded, remarked the judges, in proving that “stylish, thoughtful and innovative conservatories are not the exclusive domain of the smaller craft companies.”

The T-shaped conservatory is installed using a rear box gutter and features a glass roof, mahogany-style woodgrain frames, and brickwork closely matched to that of the host property. The result, added the judges, is “a cohesive and highly attractive conservatory that has been carefully thought out, and expertly installed.”

Barry Dunlop, Managing Director of eBuilders Ltd the company behind ConservatoriesOnline.com, says that the Conservatory Design Awards provide a very real service for visitors to the site: “Our Awards provide people with a showcase and benchmark for what they may realistically expect when choosing a new conservatory, in respect of the quality of design, manufacture and installation, but also for the features and details that can make the difference between a successful and unsatisfactory installation.”

ConservatoriesOnline.com and its related portfolio of web sites is the world’s leading source of design and technical advice for millions of homeowners seeking to add a conservatory to their home. It regularly features in the top 10 of the leading search engines and consistently proves itself as the most powerful online provider of referrals and leads for its advertisers and partners, providing them with more than 100,000 leads during 2005.

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